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Bambi vs. Godzilla, or the so-called “Great Debate”

February 5th, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

I mean seriously. Does anyone really believe that the so-called “Great Debate” between Bill Nye (the science guy) and Ken Ham over the issue of evolution vs. creationism had any redeeming value whatever? Was the “truth” discovered? Did people change their minds about the issue en-masse? Hardly.

I will say this: Christians are idiots to argue about it. As soon as you try to explain scripture in scientific terms you have lost the debate. The reason for this is that the Bible is not a science book. It was never meant to document scientific processes that accompanied the origins of the universe. The biblical writers could not even have imagined the universe in terms that are commonly understood by people today.

The purpose of the biblical writings in Genesis was to record truths about God and man. They differentiate the God of the Hebrews from all of the other ideas about God prevalent at the time. They show an all powerful beginning-less God who created humans in love with dignity, rather than a cadre of erratic infantile tyrants who used humans for their own ends.

All of the things that are recorded about God and man in Genesis are true. But to make the claim that because Genesis doesn’t provide an accurate scientific description of the creation of the universe it is not true is like saying the Declaration of Independence isn’t true because it doesn’t tell you how to assemble a bicycle. Really?

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