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Convicted or Redeemed?

November 10th, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

I heard a man pour his heart out this weekend over the sins he had committed and the way that his addiction had made a mess of things for himself and his family, and he broke down and cried. I reflected that at the same time he had been attacked with his feelings of guilt and remorse — in the dead of night when you are with no one but your thoughts — remembrances of places where I had gone wrong came to my mind. You know the feeling when you suddenly remember something that you deeply regret.

Our enemy will not let us forget these things. Our enemy lurks ever in the background accusing us. And we know that we are guilty. He is trying to convince us that we are not worthy of Love. It is that moment when we stand alone in the desert with Jesus, tempted. The enemy’s plan is accomplished when we despair of the depths of our sin.

Without the desert we cannot understand the magniitude of grace. Because we know how badly we have fallen short, we can know how much was forgiven when Christ paid the penalty for us.

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