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The Politics of Alternate Realities

January 30th, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments


I found it interesting that those people who want to turn the Bird Sanctuary Patriot who was killed resisting arrest into a martyr have processed the video provided by the FBI which shows Finicum doing that and dismissed it because it doesn’t agree with their narrative. Just to be clear, the video does show Finicum with his hands in the air as he leaves his vehicle, but the video also clearly shows that as agents closed in on him he reached for his waist. Whether or not he was going for his gun (he did have one), how often have we heard the apologetic that if the cop hesitates he might lose his life? Is that only true if the suspect is someone we don’t like? It occurred to me that those who are convinced Michael Brown is a martyr also wouldn’t concede their point even if there was evidence to show it. And that summarizes the state of our discourse. We don’t have differing interpretations of the same reality, we have competing realities in which factual evidence is only a nuisance unless it agrees with our narrative. If we can’t even agree on indisputable evidence, how can we find our way out of the dark?

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