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The time-honored role of the Democratic Party:

Absorbing and taming populist movements.

Not many people know about Upton Sinclair and the 1934 Gubernatorial election in California, but it has striking similarities to Bernie’s revolution. The biggest similarity is the way the establishment Democratic party is trying to sweep him under the rug using smear tactics. Differences include that in 1934 there was a progressive president in the White House, and that the Democratic Party had not yet mastered the art of voter suppression. Either way, Sinclair’s EPIC program collapsed after the 1934 election. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen to Bernie’s revolution.

Upton Sinclair and the Democrats’ Dirty Tricks

After decades of asserting his independence from the two capitalist parties in the U.S., one of the best-known socialists in the country registers as a Democrat to run in the party primaries. He campaigns on a program of pro-working class policies, taxing the rich and putting the unemployed to work.

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