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Who put the un in the unDNC?

We like to laugh at struggling democracies where outside observers (sometimes from the US) are supposedly required to prevent election fraud. But it’s a case pot kettle black — the US has long struggled with election fraud in many contexts. You may recall in 2000 we weren’t able to learn who our 43d president was for weeks after the election, and the election in the end was decided by the Supreme Court. Fidel Castro offered to send election supervisors to help us sort it out. We’ve long known that the electoral system was rigged, but it serves the purposes of the status quo. That’s why we need a political revolution. Read this article about one solution to shrinking democracy from 2008.

The Case for Keeping Score

In 2000, Americans finally learned what Roy Saltman calls “election administration’s family secret”: Our election system is run badly. Election problems prevented us from learning the identity of our 43rd president until weeks after the election. Things got so bad that Fidel Castro, admittedly a man not cursed with self-awareness, offered to send election monitors to Florida.

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