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Nuclear Fallout in the Nevada Desert

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For the purpose of setting the record straight I am including a number of links at the bottom of this document from people who attended the Democratic Convention in Las Vegas on May 14, 2016. The purpose is to show that almost all of what has been reported about it in the establishment media, including the so-called “alternative” media, is wrong, and in most cases probably deliberately so. If you are reading this you probably are already aware that what was revealed by events in Nevada was that the establishment Democratic Party will resort to any method to maintain the status quo: fair or unfair, legal or illegal, and then enlist their allies in the media to spread false reports that support their twisted narrative. It reminds of the tactics of the Soviet state, that so distorted the history of the Russian Revolution that scholars after the fall of communism were unable to determine exactly what had really occurred.

I will not waste your time rehashing the events. The point that needs to be made is that we learned the Democratic Party is not the progressive party and does not represent progressivism. The political consequence of the neo-liberalism introduced during the Reagan Administration and continuing through every administration since has been the creation of an oligarchy ruled by a tiny wealthy elite for the purpose of maintaining and expanding the power and wealth of the elite. The supposed differences between various establishment political groups (Democratic vs. Republican, for example) gives only the illusion of choice. Put a suit on Hillary Clinton and you have George Bush. Put a pant-suit on Barack Obama and you have Hillary Clinton. Even the rabid nut jobs of the establishment right, were they to somehow gain access to executive power, would only be able to govern as far as their Wall Street masters allowed.

This is why the establishment has become so rattled in this election cycle. We saw it first with the establishment reaction to Donald Trump.  Media talking heads of both the “left” and the “right” express mystification at his popularity, and the establishment has gone full court press, unsuccessfully, to the glee of his followers, to silence him and rein in his supporters. Why? Well, he is an ignorant bigot who is enough of a showman to be able to sense, and harness, the anger of common people about the usurpation of their democracy. Mr. Trump, if one can believe the establishment media, is a dangerous man. But I wonder if he is not more dangerous to the ruling class than he is to the people.

I wonder that because of what happened in Nevada. The establishment media has up to now seen fit to ignore Bernie Sanders and his political revolution because they were convinced he was not a threat to the status quo. Aside from those who follow his campaign on social media, many people don’t even know who Bernie is and what he stands for. This is not because he has not articulated his message clearly, and it is not because his message has not resonated with millions of dissatisfied citizens. In fact it is because his message is so resonant that he has been nearly completely silenced. In the meantime the establishment Democratic Party has proceeded unabated to make a mockery of the democratic process, to the point of actual and blatant fraud, in order to engineer the coronation of their favored stooge. I remember at the time of the Nevada caucuses Senator Harry Reid assured Hillary supporters made nervous by Bernie’s popularity that she would be the candidate. This before over half of the Democrats in the country had even had the opportunity to vote, and while polls showed Bernie Sanders as the only national candidate viewed positively by a majority of voters. And they have the chutzpah to claim that the process is not rigged.

But the Nevada convention demonstrated to the Democratic Party hacks that Bernie and his followers would not stand idly by and be ignored. Bernie has unleashed a revolutionary democratic force that will not be denied. Bernie supporters were ready to loudly oppose shenanigans and political trickery designed to steal an election from Bernie Sanders. That this was the intent was clear when the Nevada Democratic Party leadership, over the obvious vocal dissent of the majority in attendance, shoved through “temporary” rules for the convention. If the convention was transparent and fair, why did they need “temporary” rules? And why did they need to dictate these rules under the pretense of democracy? It is because the substance of the rules were, “Hillary wins.” So much for Democracy in the Democratic Party.

The event set off alarm bells throughout the party elite. In response to the steadfastness of Bernie supporters the establishment media has bought and widely disseminated a patently false narrative (see the links below) that portrays Bernie supporters as a bunch of lawless thugs, no better than Trump supporters. The irony is that since we now know this narrative is false, we have to question the veracity of the portrayal of Trump’s supporters as well.

At any rate, the State of Nevada which provided the geographical location for the testing of nuclear bombs  in the 1940s and 1950s has now detonated a political nuclear bomb that will create a poisonous fallout. The poison is eating away the thin facade obscuring the corruption of the DNC and the establishment Democratic Party. It is time true progressives realized the Democratic Party is not their party, that they have no established home in American politics. It is time to create a new people’s party founded on real progressive values. That will be the outcome of Bernie’s revolution.


Democratic Candidate Rolle on the background events leading up to the convention

Former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner describes the events at the convention

Sanders Statement on Nevada – Bernie Sanders

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday issued the following statement: “It is imperative that the Democratic leadership, both nationally and in the states, understand that the political world is changing and that millions of Americans are outraged at establishment politics and establishment economics.

Finally, if I wanted to convince you I had received a negative message, could I not get one of my friends to leave a negative message on my phone, and then play it back to you and say, “See?” No one in their right mind (I mean, aside from Trump and Clinton supporters, but then I risk an oxymoron) can believe threats and intimidation against the opposition would do anything to help Bernie’s cause. Did you know that the reason the Nazis invaded Poland was that Poland invaded first?

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