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Won’t Get Fooled Again


Well, Hillary “won” another primary. The corporate media are poised to declare her the “winner” of the Democratic Primary. I find it disheartening that evidence of electoral fraud is ignored by the media as it is whitewashed by the Democratic party establishment. I am not a kook and I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but there is too much irregularity that is in plain sight to just ignore the corruption of the Democratic establishment and the collusion of the corporate media. Things like: suddenly restricted access to polling places in Arizona and Puerto Rico, thousands of voters “disappearing” from the rolls in districts where the opposition was strong in New York, votes “disappearing” from the count only to be re-added later to another candidate, and an announcement days ahead of time by the corporate media the exact moment on June 7 when they will declare Hillary the winner, when the votes won’t be counted until July 25. The Democratic party approach to elections appears not to have changed much since the days of Boss Tweed.

We are inundated by reports of how Donald Trump is dangerous and unfit to be President. That electing him President will open the door to fascism. But, ironically, Trump won all of his elections fair and square, even against the wishes of the Republican Party establishment. Contrast that with the tactics of the DNC and the complicity of the corporate media. Are they not a much better example of totalitarianism? What we are seeing is an illusion of Democracy. Don’t believe me? When the Sanders campaign was surging in Nevada before the Feb. 20 caucuses, Harry Reid sought to calm nervous Hillary followers by pronouncing in no uncertain terms that she *will be* the nominee. No question there. And this was before more than half of the Democrats in the country had voted, including those in his own state.

So while I have no doubt that watching a Trump Presidency would be the equivalent of watching a circus tent burn down in the middle of the show, a Hillary Presidency would be a subtler, Orwellian erosion of popular sovereignty. It is already so in the Democratic Party, and will soon be so in the nation if Hillary is elected, that the individual vote is irrelevant. As in a banana republic, the winning candidate is chosen ahead of time by the powers that be. Voting is a show. And in this case, the powers that be are the 1% who control the body politic for their own benefit.

Will Americans continue to be silent? To be distracted by gorillas and manufactured social divisions while their rights inexorably dissipate? Or will the traditional American love of liberty finally rise up to re-take the reins? In the 1960s JFK made a telling observation about a world that was rising up against economic totalitarianism that today should be taken as an ominous warning for the Democratic Party, “Those who make nonviolent revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”

Hillary Clinton is at least as dangerous as Donald Trump. I can’t in good conscience vote for either. So the only thing left for me to do is to “get on my knees and pray we won’t get fooled again.”

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