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Revolutions Break Things


Now we hear the voices of the establishment sucking up to Bernie and his supporters with saccharin “congratulations,” probably hoping we will forget how they stiff-armed us and flipped us off and expecting us to fall in line like good little faux-progressives. “That was cute kids, but now grownups are talking. Let’s get serious.” They are right in pointing out that Bernie’s campaign has already had a lasting effect on American politics, but I am not optimistic about the political revolution if we simply settle for the two awful choices we have been given. Bernie said, and he’s right, that it’s too late for establishment politics, and the last time I looked up “establishment politics” in the dictionary I saw an illustration of Hillary Clinton. If Bernie’s movement is to mean anything it can’t be absorbed into and tamed by the establishment, even under the guise of “the lesser of two evils.” If our political revolution is to be a real revolution it must remain a threat to the establishment. Revolutions are not timid or cautious. The whole purpose of a revolution is to break things.

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