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Dear Trump Supporters,


I feel your pain.

If I was the kind of person to worry about these things, I would be as worried as you are, but not in the same way. You are afraid of a government conspiracy to take away the “real” America and force us all into a sort of Islamic Third Reich. Or, alternatively (or maybe even simultaneously), that foreigners are going to take away your job, the job you need so that “the government” can take away your hard-earned pay and give it to welfare queens, drug addicts, and foreigners. Let that sink in for a minute. Or, that godless liberals are conspiring to take away your rights, like your God-given right to go to Walmart with an AK-47 strapped to your back (read it, it’s right there in the Constitution), a right that can only be defended by unfettered access to firearms (because, you know, a good guy with a gun is going to be able to effectively defend himself against Obama’s Muslim army, which is currently distracted anyway making plans to invade Texas and declare martial law). It sounds crazy I know. That’s because it is.

Do you remember when you were in elementary school and some kid would start a rumor that spread like wildfire and pretty soon all the kids were running around hyperventilating about something that was made up or blown completely out of proportion? And when you realized it was nothing you were kind of disappointed because you really like drama and you were hoping to see something really fantastic? Ya. That. But you are on the right track in thinking you’re getting screwed. What you’re wrong about is how, and who’s screwing you.

First off, we should acknowledge that “the government” is not coordinated enough to effectively organize a kid’s birthday party, let alone engage in a vast conspiracy to deliver the United States to an Islamic world order. Watergate involved six of the most powerful men on the planet and they couldn’t keep a conspiracy going for two weeks. So all of the dark theories about black helicopters and the New World Order should be left to the X Files.

Next, it’s not Islam that’s screwing you, and it’s not Obama and it’s not immigrants or #BlackLivesMatters protesters or liberals. It’s not even Hillary really – she’s just a tool, albeit a willing one, as are almost all of the political class. The real threat is from the 1%, who control the vast majority of the wealth in the United States, and they don’t even try to hide what they’re doing. All they have to do is keep us peasants riled up, and they can openly fleece us and relieve us of our rights. And sometimes we even thank them for it.

Now, at some level you know this, because you’ve found a savior in Donald Trump, who claims to be standing up to the 1% so that he can “make America great again.” It’s kind of hard to figure out what particular time in the past he is aspiring to, because the “godly-white-freedom-loving-beacon-of-justice-and-liberty-that-the-liberals-and-atheists-have-taken-away” is a movie myth, not a reality. You fawn over Trump because he’s not owned by the billionaires, but that’s because he is one. It’s like Garth said in the movie Wayne’s World, “[Donald] is nobody’s friend. If [Donald] were an ice cream flavor, he’d be pralines and dick.”

But I digress.

What’s really screwing you is a rigged capitalist system controlled by the 1% and implemented and protected by a bought and paid for Congress. This is the capitalism you think offers you the best chance to prosper and so you believe should be completely unregulated. Because greed is good and if the 1% get wealthier some of the scraps will sprinkle down on the grateful masses. There are really complex theories that prove this; unfortunately, history tells a different story. Wealth doesn’t “trickle down,” it flows up. In fact, it is this system that keeps you in economic distress, and it is thoroughly insulated by “the government” from regulation ensuring fair play and free competition. This is the capitalism you will die (using your God-given right to an AK-47) defending. And you can bet the 1% are really grateful for your devotion.

The network right-wing talking heads who cook up the narratives of fear against liberals, foreigners, Muslims, #BlackLivesMatter and whatever, if they’re sincere, are being played like violins by their corporate overlords who want to keep us distracted and at each other’s throats. Ninety percent of the media in the United States is owned by just six corporations. Do you really think they’re flooding the airwaves with Trump and his shenanigans because they have a passion for news accuracy, for keeping the politicians honest and defending the nation by keeping the public informed? LOL. It’s entertainment. But more than that, it’s a distraction. It fosters division. And as long as we see each other as the enemy we won’t bother to look at the corporations and their owners, and even though we know how badly we’re getting screwed we’ll just keep blaming our dilemma on each other.

If you really want to make American great again, unite with your enemies. You are already taking a stand against establishment politics, now recognize that Trump is not the solution but part of the problem. Recognize that many of those you have been led to believe are your foes are really in the same boat as you, and they want the same things you want.

I can’t offer any easy solutions, but we need a new politics; one that doesn’t leave us with Clump: the choice of bad or not quite as bad. Americans have united against overwhelming enemies in the past , both external and internal, and overcome them by unity. Today we again have a common enemy who is keeping our government from being what really makes America great: of, by, and for the people. All of the people.

It starts with all of us reaching out to our natural allies: each other.

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