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The United States is not a god.

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The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, the three pieces of paper upon which the United States was founded, are elements of a contract. The contract upholds very high standards for what people should expect from government, and imposes amazingly few limits on personal freedom. These three documents are secular political documents written by flawed men; they are not scripture. The political entity these documents created, the United States, is the practical application of the contract. Almost all of the obligation built into the contract is borne by government. The obligation of citizens is to hold the government to the contract by use of the vote. The United States is not a god. It doesn’t deserve or even demand any worship. It is a political arrangement that right now is not working out very well for many┬ácitizens. Almost everybody agrees this is true even though there is pointed disagreement about why. But the reason isn’t hard to discover. Citizens are more concerned with self-interest and being saved from bogey men than with their obligation to understand what the government is and to hold it accountable. If you want better government don’t look to leaders who will promise to save you from evil. They are the evil you need to be saved from. Instead, look in the mirror.

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