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If this man is a Christian, how can I be a Christian?

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It’s people like this who give Christianity a bad name.

“A politician can go around saying he stands for God, when what he really stands for is racism, and so racism becomes equated with Christianity. This is idolatry, it is turning things inside out. And it is the same with nationalism – people say we will equate our national outlook with Christianity, and suddenly all these things which have nothing at all to do with Christianity become identified with Christianity. This is a serious problem because it is a great scandal to people who have trouble with faith today. They say, ‘If this man is really a Christian, how can I be a Christian?'” – Thomas Merton


Pat Robertson: What Donald Trump said in lewd video was ‘macho’

Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson said on his show that Donald Trump’s talk of sexual assault in a lewd video released on Friday was “macho” talk. On his “700 Club” show on Monday, he said the pundits are writing Trump off, but Robertson declared the Republican presidential nominee the winner of Sunday night’s debate.

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