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Fanaticism, breakdown, and a much darker future…

Governor Jerry Brown discusses political polarization. NPR Morning Edition 7/25/17

“We listened to a variety of opinions from a variety of points of view. And some of the folk on the left said, oh, you can’t talk to oil companies. Are you talking to the Chamber of Commerce? Are you talking to the Farm Bureau? That’s just horrible.

“And then on the other side, The Wall Street Journal and some of the Republican activists said, you’re a Republican. You can’t vote for something that a Democrat would support. Well, both of those, in my view, are forms of political terrorism that are conspiring to undermine the American system of governance.”

“I would say history tells us that we need to find consensus. We need to swallow our own pet thoughts and build coalitions. That’s the nature of parliamentary democracy, American democracy. And we’re getting away from that. And the end product is always fanaticism, breakdown and a much darker future.

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