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Oh look! A squirrel!

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Wonder why there’s been so much war talk lately? Dictators will find an enemy when they need a distraction.

By opting for military action, the Galtieri government hoped to mobilise the long-standing patriotic feelings of Argentines towards the islands, and thus divert public attention from the country’s chronic economic problems and the regime’s ongoing human rights violations of the Dirty War.[15] Such action would also bolster its dwindling legitimacy. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falklands_War)

Analysis: Trump ‘military’ talk on Venezuela unnerves LatAm

President Donald Trump’s talk of a “military option” in Venezuela risks alienating Latin American nations that overcame their reluctance to work with the Republican leader and had adopted a common, confrontational approach aimed at isolating President Nicolas Maduro’s embattled government.

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