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Two Party Tyranny

October 25th, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

The two party system only gives the illusion of choice. At best, it’s like telling a child she can choose between red or blue socks. They think they have a choice, but they still end up wearing socks. As it is our choice is more dire, and dismal. The Republican Party has been hijacked by lunatics, possibly doing the bidding of an enemy power, and the Democrats are in the pocket of Big Money, blind to the fact that they’ve been losing elections at every level because they don’t stand for anything and refuse to make a stand. It’s time to ditch them both. The party system is entrenched but it is not constitutionally mandated.


Behind the DNC infighting, there’s a deeper battle for the future of the party

At the conclusion of last week’s Democratic National Committee meeting in Las Vegas the news was blanketed with tales of of DNC infighting and disarray. In a major staffing change, several longtime members of the DNC were removed or demoted, while new members perceived to be loyal to DNC chair Tom Perez were added to the committee.

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