What is Nationalism?


“Nationalism centers on a country’s culture, language, and often race. It may also include shared literature, sports, or the arts, but is primarily driven by cultural associations. And, it promotes the nation at the expense of others. Nationalist countries or leaders don’t join international organizations or associations, and maintain a superior view of themselves to the detriment of other nations. Nationalism has a positive view of conquering other nations as it sees itself as the ultimate nation. Any ideologies that undercut or contradict the nation are opposed. Nationalism, in its extreme forms, has led to genocide, the Holocaust, and, more specifically, the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia in the 1990s.”

What is Nationalism? Its History And What It Means in 2018

The word “nationalism” has been in the news a lot lately, from talks about trade wars and immigration to reports of racism and violence. But, what is nationalism? And how is it different than patriotism?