No money. No English.


Nativist bigotry is nothing new. But there is another, more generous America.

That is what I give thanks for: an America willing to embrace immigrants with puzzling accents. I give thanks as well that this thread of magnanimity has, mostly, triumphed over the other thread represented by the Know-Nothings, the anti-Catholic riots, the Chinese Exclusion Act, theĀ exclusion of Jewish refugees like Anne Frank, the internment of Japanese-Americans, the Muslim ban and this year, the separation of immigrant families at the Mexican border. Such ugliness has left a series of stains on our history,


Opinion | No Money. No English. But America Welcomed a Young Foreigner.

I’m grateful for that, because he became my father. One of the things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving is the warm welcome that America extended to a man born 100 years ago in what is now Ukraine. Wladyslaw Krzysztofowicz was born into an Armenian family in a dangerous region; you might think of it as the Honduras of its day.