The incredible shrinking President


But this Thanksgiving weekend, the sense beginning to emerge is of the systems of democratic governance repairing themselves—of good people standing up, of women surging forward, of teenagers answering the call, of law and truth reinstating themselves. The feeling is that some kind of fever has maybe broken. That which seemed monstrous and larger than life is mostly shadows and vapors now.


After Years of Taking Up Too Much Space, Trump Is Finally Small

Trump Threatens to Close “Whole Border” With Mexico, Says Troops Can Use “Lethal Force” Trump Doubles Down on Fight Against Chief Justice by Continuing Tirade Against Judges Man Arrested After he Demands “All Jews Raise Their Hands” During Flight Trump’s New Asylum Policy Is the Definition of Entrapment The holidays can be tricky when one has begun to reflexively assume the posture of being pinned under the breakfront as the crazy racist grandpa shrieks year round.