GOP cries foul after California thumping


Republicans only believe in Democracy when they win. When they can’t rig it, they claim it’s rigged. GOP cries foul.

“We’ve been hearing Trump for years now make claims of massive voter fraud and millions of illegal votes and it is simply not true. And just as Trump’s ego could not handle losing the national popular vote and losing so badly in California,’’ now it appears Ryan is trying to “drum up an excuse” for the losses, he said.

“It’s their own fault that they fear a large and diverse electorate,’’ he told POLITICO.”

GOP cries foul after California thumping

SAN FRANCISCO – A growing chorus of Republicans are casting doubts about the integrity of the voting system in California, where the party lost at least 6 House seats in the midterm election – including a handful where the GOP at first appeared to have emerged victorious on Election Night.