Trump could’ve ruined Bush’s funeral. Bush didn’t let him.


I can’t help but notice that some of the harshest critics  of the Orange One are Republicans. Trump could’ve ruined Bush’s funeral.

His example wasn’t meant for Trump alone. As he is laid to rest, Bush reminds us that when the studio audience tires of the reality show, a better, kinder, more American style of leadership might one day return. That true patriotism, honor and devotion to family are models of a life well lived, in and after politics. George H.W. Bush’s lifetime of service was capped by one last selfless act, a final gift to the country he served so well. He knew exactly what he was doing by opting not to exclude Trump from his funeral; he controlled the uncontrollable.



Perspective | Trump could’ve ruined Bush’s funeral. Bush didn’t let him.

Like the semi-mythical Christmas truce between the British and the Germans on the front lines during World War I, Wednesday’s state funeral for former president George H.W. Bush showed two Washingtons and two Republican parties – in one sense, two Americas – taking a momentary step back from the bonfire that is now our national politics.