If you want positive results do positive things


Video: Rep. Ted Lieu shows Republicans how Google search works. Republicans have been whining about negative media coverage since the dawn of civilization. The problem isn’t that “the media” is out to get them, it is that their ideas and actions stink. Rather than turn the focus on their own shortcomings and failures, they deflect blame like 3 year olds.

“If you want positive search results, do positive things. If you don’t want negative search results, don’t do negative things. …if you’re getting bad press articles and bad search results don’t blame Google or Facebook or Twitter. Consider blaming yourselves.”


Rep. Ted Lieu Shows Republicans How Google Really Works

‘If you’re getting bad press articles and bad search results, don’t blame Google, or Facebook, or Twitter. Consider blaming yourself.’ — Rep. Ted Lieu is setting GOP congressmen straight on Google’s ‘bias’

Posted by NowThis Politics on Thursday, December 13, 2018