Politico: The GOP message


The GOP message is this: The US government has been dominated by the GOP for two years. We have children locked in cages at the border. We have children dying at the border. We have insulted all of our allies and supported global despots. The Republican Congress has abandoned it’s oversight responsibility and enabled erosion of our democracy at home and our national security. Financial markets are reeling and people are dying because they can’t afford proper medical care. 1 in 5 American kids live in poverty. To top it all off, the government is partially shut down. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees are working without pay, furloughed, or laid off without pay, because the toddler in chief is throwing a temper tantrum in order to kowtow to his white supremacist base over a non-existent crisis at the border. The Coast Guard is guarding our coasts without pay. Despite what GOP Rep Scott Perry (Pa.) says, most enlisted in the military and many civilian government workers do live paycheck to paycheck, and creditors do not care that the President of the United States is using them as pawns. Our national government is in chaos.

The message is: the GOP is unfit to rule.


9 days in, White House still seeking a shutdown message

The White House is searching for a line of attack against Democrats in its border-funding fight, but can’t seem to find one that sticks. President Donald Trump and his top aides have sought to blame Democrats in a slew of ways for the government shutdown, now in its ninth day.