NYT: Frenemies. A Love Story. Reagan and O’Neill Save the Country.


Frenemies: A Love Story. This is required reading for everyone now. A student of U.S. history knows that the only thing that can save American democracy is compromise (1800), and the only thing that can destroy it is failure to compromise (1865). Painful compromise is not a weakness, but the greatest virtue of American politics. The ability to compromise means that the survival of American democracy is of greater importance than party politics or personal pride.


Frenemies: A Love Story

Boston TO paraphrase a sometime-friend of my father: “There they go again.” Twice in their debate on Wednesday, President Obama and Mitt Romney brought up the names of my father, Tip O’Neill, and Ronald Reagan, the Republican icon, asserting that the relationship between Reagan and my father, a Democrat who was speaker of the House for most of Reagan’s presidency, should serve as a model for how political leaders can differ deeply on issues, and yet work together for the good of the country.