Washington Post: Trump’s State of the Union speech drew the one parallel to Nixon it shouldn’t have


“Mr. Speaker, and Mr. President, and my distinguished colleagues and our guests: I would like to add a personal word with regard to an issue that has been of great concern to all Americans over the past year. I refer, of course, to the investigations of the so-called Watergate affair. As you know, I have provided to the special prosecutor voluntarily a great deal of material. I believe that I have provided all the material that he needs to conclude his investigations and to proceed to prosecute the guilty and to clear the innocent. I believe the time has come to bring that investigation and the other investigations of this matter to an end, One year of Watergate is enough.” – Richard Nixon 1974 SOTU


Analysis | Trump’s State of the Union speech drew the one parallel to Richard Nixon that it shouldn’t have

Standing before a largely hostile Congress, President Trump couldn’t help but offer a word of warning to the Democratic House majority. But first, he did a little boasting. “The state of our union is strong,” Trump said, repurposing last year’s adjective. To bolster that argument, he pointed to the strong economy.