The Atlantic: Punishing the Victim


The US is more than complicit in turning these countries into the hell holes they are the people want to escape from. The idiot-in-chief thinks making them suffer more will make the want to stay.

”The U.S.-fueled war drove tens of thousands of Salvadorans to flee the violence for safety in the United States. In the mid-90s, Clinton allowed their ‘temporary protected status’ to expire. This decision contributed to the gang violence that marks El Salvador today—not long ago, when a day passed without a murder, it was banner news. Thousands of the refugees sent back were young men, who had either deserted from the army or the guerrillas during the war. And when they got back to El Salvador, with little beyond their fighting skills, they formed the nucleus of the gangs.”


America’s Role in El Salvador’s Deterioration

It was a civil war of the 1980s, one that pitted leftist revolutionaries against the alliance of countries, oligarchs, and generals that had ruled the country for decades-with U.S. support-keeping peasants illiterate and impoverished. It was a bloody, brutal, and dirty war.