NYMag: The March of the Wooden Trump Loyalists


I can understand dissatisfied people lashing out against an establishment that is in the pocket of Wall Street. I can understand, but not sympathize with, the fear of the loss of white privilege. I can understand being fed up enough to overlook the obvious deficiencies of a foul mouthed demagogue to “stick it to the man.” But I can’t understand how, with the better angels of our nature circling the drain after two years of the most corrupt and incompetent administration in history, Trump supporters endorse puppet-like every talking point the Party puts out, no matter how blatantly ridiculous. I want to believe the best about Trump supporters, but the evidence shows our differences are not just political. For whatever reason these people have abandoned patriotism, morality and self-respect to support a man who is both corrupt and incompetent. It comes to the conclusion that Trump loyalists are not fellow patriots who I disagree with, they are wildly deluded dangers to the Republic.

Republicans are acting as though presidential tax returns have traditionally been kept private, and it is Democrats who wish to violate this sacred custom of secrecy. Obtaining Trump’s tax returns “sets a dangerous standard of having the federal government used as a political weapon” and is also “a waste of time,” asserts House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. (The actual standard it would “set” would be that presidents have to disclose their tax information, which is what the standard was before Trump came along.)


Republicans are Trashing the Law to Keep Trump’s Taxes Secret

This week, the House formally moved to obtain President Trump’s federal tax forms. Trump is refusing, saying “from what I understand, the law’s 100% on my side.” It isn’t, but Republicans are supporting him anyway. What is he hiding?