WP: The Wages of Misplaced Fealty


No sympathy for Kirstjen Nielsen. She is merely the latest pathetic example of what happens when you give your loyalty to a demagogue over your country. We probably shouldn’t forget that Hitler used the SA (Brown Shirts) on his rise to power then swept them aside in the night of the long knives. For authoritarians, people only exist to serve the leader’s interest.

No sympathy because she willingly enacted the most vile policies and defended the most outrageous lies in support of the most corrupt and incompetent man ever to assume the Presidency. No sympathy for her or for anyone who continues to support this charlatan.

But the thanklessness of Nielsen’s job was particularly notable, and the extent to which Nielsen stuck her neck out for Trump was eyebrow-raising in Washington. She’s a former Bush administration official who had little-to-no immigration extremism in her background before this job.


Analysis | Kirstjen Nielsen’s ignominious end

You could argue that losing your reputation is an occupational hazard of working in the Trump administration: When the president thinks you’ve lost your value, he unceremoniously tosses you aside. That seems to be what happened to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.