LA Times: Exoneration. Not.


After nearly two years of intense denial, a campaign of misinformation following the completion of the report, and an absurd Trump victory dance defying both facts and logic (abetted by his lap dog McConnell), the (even redacted) report reveals damning evidence of behavior by a usurper President that would make Nixon blush. The facts are undeniable, so the only explanation Trump can muster is bald faced denial. I am reminded of the televised interview with Iraqi foreign minister Tariq Ariz during the Gulf War where he denied American entry into Baghdad even as American tanks rolled in the background.

I know there are many who will deny Trump did anything wrong, mostly by completely ignoring the evidence (i.e., I will never read the report myself, I’ll just trust Hannity and Limbaugh to interpret for me). Even with irrefutable evidence of obstruction (the “smoking gun” tape), nearly a quarter of Americans still supported Nixon. But he was guilty. And the fact remains we have a buffoonish low level gangster as illegitimate President.

Americans didn’t need the Mueller report to establish that this president is ignorant, erratic and irresponsible or that he is contemptuous of the rule of law. But the special counsel’s account underlines the importance of making Donald Trump a one-term president.


Mueller’s report makes a mockery of Trump’s claim to ‘total exoneration’

President Trump has repeatedly crowed that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report is a “total exoneration.” After its release Thursday morning, he tweeted: “No collusion. No obstruction. For the haters and the radical left Democrats – Game Over.” But the report itself, for those who bothered to read it, makes a mockery of that assertion.