WP: Hope. In spite of it all.


From my removed vantage point on the civil rights trail, the Mueller report offered reasons for hope. It showed that some of Trump’s most-trusted advisers — Donald McGahn, Rick Dearborn, even Corey Lewandowski — thwarted his attempts to obstruct justice; Trump can’t blame a “deep state” conspiracy when even his closest aides resist his abuses. The Mueller report also illustrated how blessedly bumbling Trump and his team are — alternately ignorant of the law and unable to execute. Like the hotheaded Connor and Clark, whose clumsy responses to civil disobedience turned public opinion against them, the erratic Trump weakens his own cause.


Opinion | We shall overcome Trump. We have survived worse.

My wife and I took our kids on a civil rights tour of the South over spring break, a trip planned before we knew it would be the week Muellermania engulfed Washington. As it turned out, though, the Civil Rights Trail offered an ideal perspective from which to view the mayhem in the capital caused by the special counsel’s report.