The Hill: Another Wannabe Hero


Bill Barr never served in uniform so he wouldn’t know what it was like to land anywhere in uniform let alone what it feels like to be in a desperate combat situation in a contest to save the world. His major accomplishments so far include lying to Congress, misleading the public, and trying to cover up for a corrupt President. The intent of those who risked everything in the D-Day landings was to save democracy. Barr’s apparent intent is to aid and abet its destruction. He’s hardly a hero.


Barr compares his return to DOJ to D-Day invasion

Attorney General joked Friday that his return to the Justice Department reminded him of the Allied invasion on D-Day. During a speech to new agents graduating from the FBI’s academy, Barr quipped that his second term as U.S. attorney general had felt like parachuting into enemy territory. “I’m a two-time offender.