Anti-Defamation League Heat Map collects data about MAGA hate crimes.


Anti-Defamation League “Heat Map”

I found this web site on Facebook. You can sort out incidents of Extremism and Antisemitism by date, location, type, and ideology. I did a search on Extremist Murders, Terrorist Plots & Attacks, and Extremist/Police Shootouts in 2018-2019.

I noticed a few things. First, doing a search for the same types of incidents over the same period of time for the following three ideologies gave these results:

  • Islamist Extremism: 5
  • Left Wing: 1
  • Right Wing: 1794
  1. The (supposedly) rational/non-extremist right wing thrives on the narrative that the United States is threatened by Muslim terrorists and Latinx gangsters, but the data tells us that the real danger comes from extreme elements of their own coalition. And it’s not a minor threat. More like a National Emergency. We can’t address extremism in the US by keeping people out or by deporting undocumented immigrants. The danger comes from our own citizens.
  2. This same group of (supposedly) rational right wingers comforts itself when another right wing extremist incident occurs by claiming “both sides” do it. I don’t think that can be supported by the data.
  3. One of the incidents of anti-Semitism was described:
Anti-Semitic Incident – Harassment/White Supremacist Propaganda
San Antonio, TX
Right Wing (White Supremacist)
An unknown group or person placed a sign at the Holocaust Memorial Museum that read “Fake News” and “#MAGA.”
I wonder how the (supposedly) rational right wing can be so comfortable with the fact that the slogan of their President has been adopted by White Supremacists to be employed as an epithet. Have you ever heard of a left winger defacing a Christian Church with “Medicare for All!”?


ADL H.E.A.T. Map

A first-of-a-kind interactive map detailing extremist and anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S., the ADL H.E.A.T. Map is a visual reflection of select proprietary datasets developed by ADL experts in its Center on Extremism.