Politico: Depressing poll numbers demand extreme distractions


Polling is not the greatest predictor of the future, but all except imaginary ones have been unkind to the President of late, (who, by the way, is treated worse than Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated, sniffle sniffle). The President responds in the only way he knows how: distract attention from his failures and fire up his base.

Even if he were able to do it, ejecting millions of people would not make the country any greater (unless they were Trump supporters). Even if we made the borders air tight and no one could get into the country, we would not be any better — any safer or more prosperous. In fact we would be smaller, and pitiful in our petty prejudices.

With war monger Bolton whispering in his ear, he may in fact be able to pull off an attack on Iran even without the consent of Congress. Believe me, that’s not going to make the country any greater either. Nor safer. Nor more prosperous.

Who profits from any of this? It’s not America. It’s not you and me.


Trump prepares to bypass Congress to take on Iran

The Trump administration and its domestic political allies are laying the groundwork for a possible confrontation with Iran without the explicit consent of Congress – a public relations campaign that was already well under way before top officials accused the Islamic Republic of attacking a pair of oil tankers last week in the Gulf of Oman.