The Sudden Popularity of Serfdom


“If Jesus Christ were to come today, people would not even crucify him. They would ask him to dinner, and hear what he had to say, and make fun of it.” ― Thomas Carlyle

These words were written during the Victorian era in England, but I think they have significance in our own day. Yesterday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller appeared before Congress to testify about a report he had prepared concerning Russian interference in the 2016 election. One would think patriots would be concerned about this, but since in the election the candidate who the Russians hoped to aid won, and since that candidate is an irrepressible liar and egotist, and especially since the candidate knowingly and willingly cooperated with the effort to influence the election in his favor, the unmistakable dangers posed by investigation caused the President of the United States to mount a campaign to deny the intervention and discredit any investigation of it.

These are not accusations, these are recorded facts, based on a document made public by the Attorney General of the United States, an ally of the President.

Mueller was reluctant to testify and to be honest appeared challenged by the ordeal. He wasn’t a powerful witness. He said little, pointing out that his testimony was in the report and that people should read the report. Apparently, not many have. (Have you?) At the end of the day the most factual news outlets reported on Mr. Mueller’s demeanor and whether he had acted a commanding performance in their made for TV drama, not what he had to say, nor what the report has to say.

In considering Carlyle’s quote, I am not suggesting Mueller is Jesus, but if I get the gist of it the meaning of it is that if a truth teller were to come into our midst, we, too clever by half, would devote our effort to dismantling the quality of the presentation and completely miss the content.

And so we have done with the Mueller Report.

Millions of the President’s supporters have already swallowed his pill. The truth of the matter is of no importance. Not because the truth is unknowable or even arguable. Their loyalty lies in that they placed all of their white supremacist hopes in this sad little spectacle of a man. Having done so, they are now willing to bend reason and their own integrity to the shape of his twisted imagination. In doing so they forfeit the right to be called citizens of a democratic republic.

If you can watch the embedded video and conclude that there is nothing to be concerned about, you don’t deserve to call yourself a citizen. If this testimony doesn’t alert you to a serious threat to our democracy, you are not fit to be a citizen. If the integrity of the rule of law isn’t something you think we should vigorously safeguard and defend, you are fit only for a groveling subject.

You should turn in your voter registration card and take lessons in the art of bowing low.