The Law


Conservatives are always concerned about “the law” (unless, of course, the law protects people they don’t like) without regard for whether the law is just. In the 1940s it was “the law” that Jews would be rounded up and sent to concentration camps. In the Jim Crow south it was illegal for a black man to drink from a “whites only” drinking fountain. In those and many other instances “the law” was unjust, and brave activists worked, sacrificed, protested, went to jail, and some of them died to change the law. In 1776 it was “the law” that American colonists should submit to a number of measures from a faraway Parliament in which they had no representation. The all cases “the law” was unjust because it considered some people less than others. They were replaced at great cost with laws that were just because they acknowledged the innate dignity of each person. Using “the law” as a justification has often proven to be an argument in favor of the perpetuation injustice.


‘Her Father Committed a Crime’: CBP Chief Responds to Video of Crying 11-Year-Old Girl After Mississippi Raids

Mark Morgan, the acting commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection, on Sunday downplayed an emotional video showing an 11-year-old girl sobbing and begging for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to let her parents go following raids on Mississippi food processing plants. “I understand that the girl is upset and I get that.