Keith Cox is the Trailer Park Philosopher

I started playing guitar when I was 13. My mom and dad bought me an electric guitar and I tried to play it in the back yard barefoot. I learned how Led Zeppelin got their distinctive sound and I learned electric guitar wasn’t for me. Since then I’ve been covering various old hippy and country songs. I have been a hippy, a drunken sailor, a more or less respectable middle class Mr. Suburbia, a history professor, a pastor, and an aging beach bum.

Just to be clear I am officially a philosopher, holding a Ph.D from the University of California signed by none other than the Governator. I am currently releasing my firstĀ album entitled Secular Hymns which is a collection of my observations of life. You can hear the songs on the Secular Hymns page and you can purchase the digital copy on the right. You’ll have to wait a few days to get the CD version. I play various free gigs around the San Diego North County area and I post those events on my Facebook page. Take a listen and I hope you enjoy the music. Or at any rate I hope it makes you think. Wouldn’t that be something. If we all started thinking…

For now, my latest songs can be heard on my Soundcloud feed. I hope you enjoy them.

Feedback is always valued.