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Dispatches From Exile

Notes from the Field

What would you do if you were not afraid?

On Death’s Door

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus deals with the effects of death and a death-obsessed culture: violence, hatred, egotism, exclusion, false religion, phony community. But the final enemy he must face down is death itself. Like Frodo going into Mordor, he has to go into...

The Wide Expanse of the Divine Will

Most of us spend most of our lives defending ourselves against assaults on the “body”—keen, almost every waking moment, to protect our psyches, our emotions, our fortunes, our health, our reputations.When we do that, we warp ourselves, turning our lives defensively...

Dispatch: The Geniality of Love

The Window in the Garden Wall--A C.S. Lewis BlogThe natural loves are not self-sufficient. Something else, at first vaguely described as 'decency and common sense', but later revealed as goodness, and finally as the whole Christian life in one particular relation,...


Opinion | My church will replace our Black Lives Matter sign. Will America replace its racist myth?Do you hear what I hear? I hear the imperial American myth in the throes of its own death rattle. And I hear a people clamoring for a story by which to order their...


Opinion | The 10 most important things I've learned about trust over my 100 years George P. Shultz is a former U.S. secretary of labor, treasury and state, and was director of the Office of Management and Budget. He is a distinguished fellow at Stanford University's...


He had come to rescue people from sin, not Roman imperialism. And his great victory was won on the cross, not at the head of a liberating army. Still, for those who believed in him, the desert came alive with all the vibrant colors of grace, mercy, and joy.


How the U.S. can stamp out TrumpismThe United States barely survived the most acute threat to its political system since the Civil War by averting a second Trump term. But Donald Trump was always just a carrier for a political virus that predated and will outlast him.

Field Notes

The Washington Post reports that 86% of Republicans believe Trump won the election . This should not surprise us. 72% of Republicans think Arabic numerals should not be taught in school , and 41% of Trump supporters are in favor of bombing Agrabah (bummer for Aladdin).

Live From The Field

The work of moral rearmament is carried out with discretion and love. The more discrete, the more penetrating it will be. You give it to others, and it is they who absorb it. - Mother Teresa